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Disclaimer: We do not diagnose or treat any medical condition. Please consult a physician before booking an appointment. We do not offer massage therpay. We are not licensed massage therapists. We are licensed Spiritual Healers and ad Licensed Esthetician and Manicurist. We are certified Reiki Master, Holistic Health Practtioner, Spiritual Physio/Massage. Ordaniced Minister and PH.D in Metaphysics are our body healing modalites are Spiritual in nature.When body work or treatments are done without prayer and intention they are no longer spiritual. The Universal Light ."Spiritual Massage Healing is a form of Worship and Religious Ceremony" The first ammendent to the Constituion of the United States, State Medical Practice Arts and State Constitutions Respect Religious Freedom.Licensed by The Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Board

About Us


Reiki Healing Body Therapy

Benefits of Reiki 

Helps in stress reducction and promotes relaxtion

Reduces depression and anxiety by changing your mood

Increases mobility 

in case of shoulder pain,wrist pain,lower back pain. Goes to the core of the injury not the sympton

Heals infections and inflammation

Builds the immune system to fight body invasions

Enables emotional and Spiritual Clarity

Improves intimacy in your sex life

Increase Energy levels great for athletes

Aids in Better Sleep

Promotes Weight loss

And so much more

My Training

Licensed Skin Therapist 

Licensed Manicurist

Certified Reiki Master

Certified Holistic Yoga Therapist

Certified Tantra Wellness Coach

Certified Tibetian Healing Practitioner

Certified Ayuvedic Wellness Consultant

Certified Marma Therapist

Certified Temple Style Lomi Lomi for Entergetic Healing and Body Therapy

Certified  Dr. Hauschka Esthetician and Body Therapist

Certified Spiritual/Physio Massage

Certified Holistic Life Coach

Certified Consulting Hypontherapist

Licesned Spiritual Healer

Certified Raindrop Therapist

Certified AromaTouch

Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach

Member of the International Reiki Council

Highest Priestess Member (Goddess Temple Orange County, Ca)

Warrior Goddess Facitlitator

Member of Association of Skin Care Professionals

Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers (student intership)

Certified Polarity Therapist ( The Wellness Institute) student

Relaxation Therapist Stratford Career College

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist (alternative healing) Stratford Career College

University of Sedona Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc. (working towards Doctor of Metaphyical Sciences, D.Ms.)

Reiki for Healing Life Through Your Energy Body

Reiki is deeply relaxing like a massage but works on your energy body. We hold negative patterns in our body when you receive enegy healing and body work to release the exsisting patterns stored in your body Life force energy rebalances you back to who you really are and Reiki begins to clear all emotional and stagnant holding patterns. 

Reiki can benefit those people who are recovering from addiction. 

Benefite include making with withdrawl symptons feel less severe

Feeling centered , in control and full of energy all day

You are able to deal with challenges and demands of life more effectively.

You start to focus on the important goals of your life 

You will become mentally stronger and increase your will power

Please consult your doctor before scheduling Reiki for addictions.

Reiki for addictions is a stand alone session

I have been deeply impacted by addiction and am blessed to see this work for amazing reults to help people in any kind of recovery. Adding Hypontherapy to Reiki can have profound results.











Negative Thoughts

Body Shaming

Unhealthy Relationships

The list goes on.........


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Serious Inquires Only

When deciding to book a sessions please read over my site to learn about sessions offered.

As a professional License Practitioner and Spiritural Healer my sessions are always free with a donations made for my material used and education purposes. I am not a licensed medical provider or massage therapist. My work is for Spiritual Healing and Skin Healing. When contacting me do not ask me for a massage. Do not ask me about draping protocol. All sessions are different in nature. Please always come as the receiver and respect all ethical boundaries. Together we can create a healing space.

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By appointment only

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Donation to Prebook Sessions

Important information about Tantra.... Donation-All monetary offerings are consider donations for spiritual guidance rather than payment for services or products. I am highly trained in many spiritual healing and awakening modalities to entergetically feel how best to serve your needs. Each session is based on Tantric structure to create what is needed in the conscious moment. There are no expectations to what your session will include. Tantra is often mislead in western society. Please let me know what you think Tantra is before booking.  Tantra can be a sensual spiritual practice though its healing practice are for specific needs and complete enlightment of love of oneself on every level. If at anytime I feel boundaries are crossed and disrespected . I will end your session with no refund. Please let go of any judgment,expectations and or any previous bodywork session you may have had before.This is a real spiritual practice for mature people who are ready to do the work to live their life to the fullest expression of their beings.  Booking for Tantra requires a intial Reiki-ssage session to align your energy,build rapport and set your intention. There is no exception. I work with energy and protecting your energy and mine is a cruical element for true healing. After your Reiki session we can then book for your Tantra practice to start within 2 days of first intial session. All donations for Reiki/Tantra and all healing modalities are for product and material used in session. Money is energy we exchange energy on all levels. I appreciate your donations to furthur my practice,my education and keep healing the world what person at a time.Ordained Minister athttp://www.theuniversallight.comLGBT Friendly. We accept all.

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